If you are moving to a new home, you probably have a to-do list for packing and unpacking your belongings. It’s just as important to compile a list of people to notify when you move. Here is a checklist to remind you to inform people of your new address.

1. The Post Office is Easy to Notify When You Move

You don’t want your mail going to your former residence. The best way to prevent this from happening is to fill out a change of address form online or at the post office. The post office will forward your mail for up to a year to give you time to update your mailing address.

2. Family and Friends

Family and friends should be the first people to notify when you move. They are the ones who will visit your home and want to stay in touch. Also, they may offer their help during the move when you inform them your address will be changing.

3. Utility Companies

Your utility companies need a new address so they can transfer your service and mail your bills. Contact them several weeks before the moving day to make sure you have power, water, and internet when you move in.

4. Credit Card Companies and Lenders

Similar to utility companies, inform your credit card companies and financial institutions to update your address in their systems. It’s important that they have an updated address, phone number, etc. so that you don’t miss any bills or important notices.

5. Government Agencies to Notify When You Move

There are government agencies that you should also notify when you move. This includes the IRS and Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security offices, if you receive those benefits. The DMV also needs to know your new address and you’ll need to update your driver’s license.

6. Newspaper and Magazine Companies

You want to continue to receive newspapers, magazines, or other monthly subscriptions. Make a list of all the subscription companies you need to notify when you move. You may be able to update much of this information online.

7. Notify Employers When You Move

Your current employer needs an updated address on file. Even if they don’t mail paychecks, they will send out tax forms every year.

Don’t miss important bills. Avoid having confidential mail sent to your old address. Know who to notify when you move and take the time to update your information with the people and places listed above.

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